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Somatic Art is a fusion of somatic exploration, improvisation, multidisciplinary performance art - empowering skills to facilitate and lead life-art evolutions. This work is a research of the juxtaposition where intuition, awareness & action are a synchronized simultaneous act.


Somatic Art is a life art evolution; a work of research, exploration & creation, where the deep mind of dreams & visions is communicating thought the intuitive body; surfacing life from the timeless somatic ocean, creating visionary art; empowering processes, vision and tools to bridge this knowledge to the people and communities you live and work in.


This formation is a vital and revolutionary dive in to the work; an invitation and a call for a nucleolus somatic exploration and creation, building bridges and strengthening connections between life and art - between the process and the project oriented mind - between art, artists, audience and community.

We work in solos, with partners, with the big group, and in one on one session with Shahar - in the studio, different venues of the hosting city and outdoors.

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The Group, this formation hosts for a multicultural and multidisciplinary group of 12 experienced & enthusiastic artists, performers, educators, researchers, facilitators, somatic therapists, that wishes to empower their life-art evolution with the aim of bringing it to the people the communities they live and work in.

"empowering physical thinkers, intuitive art & instinctive artists" shahar dor

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