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Autumn 2016 Somatic Art tricycle / schedule


3 intensive meetings over there month

  • 1st cycle - Sep 14-18

  • 2nd cycle - Oct 5-9

  • 3rd cycle - Nov 23-27

We work work with a live schedule; listening to the group, the process,

and projects aims. expect 4-6 hours per day , with a total of approx 30 hours of work per cycle, in the studio and out doors (depending on the weather)


Between meetings

participents are expected to document their process & projects sharing some them at the somatic art blog though text, pictures & videos. The aim of the blog is to be a growing online platform of the knowledge behind the work for past, current and future participants.


We will work at the amazing space of Druna studio, a 150 m2 of floating wooden flour and beautiful arched ceiling, 10 min walk from the city center.
Prague is a perfect city for this project to take place, being a home for a rooted local community and an international touristic pearl, with its old, rustic hidden gardens, the riverbanks, the old city and the contemporary cultural center. It is a cheap & beautiful place to make the best off for this project.

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