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Shahar Dor is a movement & performance artist, teacher, researcher & director of Artness and Shahar Dor Copmany - Internationally renowned, with over twenty years of experience in the exploration of the moving body and the creation of a multidisciplinary art, his work led him to create and lead numerous artistic projects throughout the world; exploring, performing & teaching, creating improvisational and multidisciplinary based works, collaborating and leading wide verity of projects with artists from all over the world.


As a pedagogue and entrepreneur he founded ARTNESS school for movement and performance (Israel), TUNE – traveling school of unspoken knowledge (international), The Orchards Labs (Israel), The Performers Labs (international), Punto Zero Project (Spain), Somatic Art Formation (Check Republic) and the Solo Festival (Israel), and leading numerous sort and long term workshops.


Shahar is known for his unique ability to touch the core practice and presence of students & artists he works with; empowering their intuitive and instinctive skills, inspiring & leading them through their practice and life-art evolution with passion, humor, and his attentive and fearless body-mind work.

"all life is inside me, all I do is imagine them through my body" shahar dor

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